AHP Billing Services is now the Falmouth office of AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions (AHS)! Please click here to visit the AHS website. The AHS/AHP press release can be found here.

AHP/AHS billing solutions provide unmatched levels of service and performance. Add our industry-leading management expertise and passion for process, and an AHP/AHS billing solution is appreciably different than other alternatives.   Why?

  • People – AHP and AHS have expertise that spans nearly all geographic regions, payors, practice specialties, and market technologies. Our people truly understand medical billing inside and out - and our results show it.
  • Process – AHP and AHS are obsessed with process design and execution since it is essential to achieving optimal results. We reengineer and streamline the front-end data flow, evaluate and modify coding efforts as appropriate, and implement a robust pre-claims editing process to maximize the number of claims that get paid on first submission. On the back-end, our comprehensive denial management process helps combat changing payor requirements. Finally, we are committed to the hard work of A/R follow-up, enabling us to secure the dollars that are most difficult to collect.
  • Technology – AHP utilizes the industry-leading NextGen Healthcare Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) software for outstanding claims processing capabilities. This includes discreet front-end editing capabilities, electronic tracking and tasking, and powerful payor contract management tools to ensure appropriate reimbursement.
  • Coding – AHP provides efficient and compliant coding services through its proprietary coding software, Eisodima.  This powerful software allows our AAPC–certified coders to efficiently code medical charts and provide feedback based on trend analysis, customizable edits, and QA audits.  Feedback, trends, and results are readily available via the web to physicians and other providers at any time.

Choose your specialty to learn more about AHP and AHS physician billing:
> Radiology Billing
> Pathology Billing
> Cardiology Billing
> Ob/Gyn Billing
> Hospitalist Billing
> Behavioral Health Billing
> Multi-specialty Billing

Of course, you can call AHP at 207-347-7400 or AHS at 908-279-8120.

AHS provides a unique opportunity for AHP customers. Being part of a leading billing company means our clients have even more services and options available to them, including the AHS dashboard and reporting tools. In addition, we can help expand AHS’ offerings in pathology and radiology billing to an even greater number of clients and potential clients.- Lee Larson, President and CEO, AHP Billing Services